Field Trips

2014 Field Trips:  Checking out Neighboring Habitats

February:  Rambling the Venus Sands

February:  Archbold's  "10 most significant plants noted during trip"

March:  Plant Inventory for HSAPL, Palm City

March:  Old Trees, Cats, and a Duck 

April:  Endemics of JILONA

May:  Seagrasses of the IRL-Mermaids or manatees

The 2012-2013 Season of Getting to Know Our Local Native Habitats

October:  Coastal Martin Restoration

November:  Savannas Preserve Wildflowers

January:  Dune and Coastal Plants @ the House of Refuge, Gilbert's Bar

House of Refuge plant list 1/5/13

February:  Seabranch Scrub and Baygall plant list and photos

March:  DuPuis Reserve Pine flatwood     Spring wildflowers

Published on  06.06.2014